Wow the last couple weeks have been great here! I have been chosen to be a part of 3 yes 3 design teams how cool is that? So cool!! I made it to the next week in scrapvivor on MFS.Got some great goodies in the amil too can't wait to play with them all.
Mavrick started school and it is going great!!Things are better here at home with him too and that is so awesome alot less stressful for mommy. He is doing super great! He is the only one in class that has gotten a star everyday so I am so proud of him. No major tantrums and omg he is saying more for the teacher which is totally awesome!!He really has bonded with his teacher Khistine and with the assistant Marilyn he just thinks she is great and I do too. They are so good to him and he reacts wonderfully to them. Man can you tell I am so proud and excited about my little man being a big boy and going to school. He is tired as heck when we get home lol he passes out almost everyday which is good too since he really needs the rest.He always has a big smile on his face when I pick him up which make me feel good and I know he misses me. I am so proud of myself too I thought I would have a very hard time with all this change but its a good thing and I am doing good too.
Teagan starts school next week and oh am I ready for that day lol. She got so upset that Mav got to go to school and she didn't but soon enough she will. We have a meeting with her teacher tomorrow here at home not sure what all is gonna happen but we get to meet her so that will be nice.
Avery and I have been sick this weekend. It really sucks when mommy and baby are both sick! This is the first time she has really been sick and she is so clingy and whiney poor little turd I feel so bad for her. I think it is this weather change we are having it goes from hot one day to coold the next and that is not good at all.We will be better soon I hope.
Louis will be changing shifts next week so he is gonna be working nights which isn't all bad I guess. He will be able to watch the kids when I have DR appts and will be able to watch A when I take the kids to school but it will be a big change for the kids again and i hope it goes well for us.
I will try to post pics of Mavs first day of school and journal some of the day to tomorrow.Its a little late to try tonight and i am tired and yucky feeling so goodnight for now......


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