It's been awhile

So it's October wow.Halloween, Mom's Birthday, and snow yes snow is in the forecast this week. The thought of it makes me cringe. Teagan is now 4 years old and had the bestest Birthday ever as she told everyone lol. Avery has been really sick lately and is cutting 4 teeth right now poor girl, Mav is doing great at school and saying more words it's so awesome to hear that little man saying stuff! Louis was sick lat week but better now he had some kind of infection and the Dr didn't know what I swear it's one thing after another here but it's ok make life interesting I guess. I have been scrapping alot and boy is that therapy for me gotta love this hobby. I went to the store in Holland this past weekend to check out what my work looks like in a store and I gotta tell you that is so cool to see me stuff hanging in a store for everyone to see. OH I got to meet Robin form M2R and she is great such a nice wonderful lady!I have been getting a few goodies in the mail lately too. One package came from Jeri at ScrapNCircle I was the one that came up with the cyber crop name so i got goodies too cool it was full of SEI Halloween Hoopla stuff she was so nice! I got my JDF kit from Robin at M2R and it's really neat not the normal stuff I use but I really like it and can't wait to work with it. Also got some cool goods from my secret pal at FH2S some Heidi Swapp stuff may fav!So many things going on its hard to remember everything right now. so i will try to get on and post more tomorrow.


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