Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2 Days in a row

Can't believe I am posting 2 days in a row wow haven't done that on here in a long time but my goal for the new year is to post on here at least every other day so why not start a little early? I think I will. I think I now have my little layotu slide thingy here at the top working it took forever to get that thing right hope that someone looks at it and enjoys it lol. Today I dropped Mav off at school was going to stay but then I didn't. Teagan got up at the buttcrack of dawn and wanted to chat I wish I could be a morning person like her but i am so not lol. All is quiet now though they are all sleeping and Bambi is play on the Tv in the living room. I need to get the teacher gifts and a few Xmas gifts done still but what do I do instead of that? Get on the computer of course.Teagan is going with Gramma today which will give me a little break at nap time to get stuff done. Gotta clean house since we are having family Xmas here this weekend should be fun. I tried to sell some Bazzill on Willows and on Addicts and I swear no one will buy anything from me and I have good prices I just don't think they like this chubby girl or something its crazy I have tried to sell on there a couple times now and nothing. Oh well guess that is the more i get to keep lol.Off to get something done I hope...

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