Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well it's been a week since my last post on here and I told myself it was only going to be a day or two at the most between posts well once again I didn't do what i wanted lol. SO to get caught up here is whats happening with Mandy.
Avery Ella turned one on the 9th so crazy she doesn't look one she is really tiny still. Louis took last Friday off work so we could have a day with the family and celebrate A's birthday. We loaded all up and went to Build A Bear love that place we had so much fun! ALl the kids made an animal that they picked with the help of mom lol but they love them.Got some cute pics and love those moments.We had a snow day at school this past week since we got a nice snow storm. Louis goes for another meeting with his new boss yes his new boss he is going to start working here in town which will be really nice since he will be working days and only 5 minutes from home. Teagaan got to go to Grannys house today and Mav really wanted to go but has to wait till the weekend because of school.Oh I got my wall unit thing from Pottery Barn this week and man is it cool Louis is going to put it up for me this weekend and I can't wait. He is making me a new space in the utility room so I can scrap downstairs which i love since its too hard to get upstairs with the kids and all to scrap. This week has been ok not great not bad just ok. I started a diet with D and Holly yesterday not sure how well I am gonna do on it since i already got sick yesterday but i am going to try! I am cutting back and watching what I eat and gonna start exercising which will help.I think alot of my weight problem is the things that happened in the past year having a baby, Mav being diagnosed and all he is going through, financial probs, family probs, and health issues that still are not resolved but if the DR isn't worried then why shoudl I? I am not making excuses I just think that the stress that has occured with the things has helped me pack on the pounds. THis is a new year new begining and I am determined to have and be Happy this year! Ok will post some stuff later have to still post my Ali challenges.~

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