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Today I got a package of kits from Scrappy Girl Designs and all I can say is AWESOME. Loving these kits that Amber has put together. If you haven't checked this kit club out you'll for sure want to these kits they are filled with some really awesome products and every kit is made of 3 kits and one of those kits is always an altered item which is lots of fun and makes ya try something new here is a link I am working on my projects will have a little sneak peek for you later this weekend.
I took Ali's challenge this week and picked my word for 2007 and the word is HAPPY. You see I want to be, create, live, love, and enjoy Happy this year. I am going to make some stuff to hang around the house, piost sticky notes everywhere i can and put somethign in the car with the word Happy on it so I always have my word there to remind me what it is I want in 07.I am going to work on a project tomorrow so I can post it ans ALi can see it.Will post my creation here when it is finished.
Working on sketches, layouts, and other projects this weekend too hope to get alot accomplished but it might not all get done. I did set a goal this year for layouts and altered items so here they are 150 for layouts and 50 for altered items I have 2 layouts done and I know I will get my goal accomplished hey I still have 11 months lol.
Well only 3 days till my baby girl is 1year old how time flies. I look back at the pictures that were taken when on the day she was born and they make me smile, giggle, and cry.Do you ever wish you could rewind time and play life in slow motion I do I think I would change soemthings too if i had a chance not all things but some.
What will 07 bring my family? I don't knwo but I keep thinking about it and I have a good feeling that good things will happen this year!
I write like there is really someone out there that reads this even though I know no one does lol a girl can hope that at least one person will.
Have you ever thought of the things that you know will never happen in your life? You know those things that you always wanted to do or see but never will for one reason or another. Well I have especially this week not sure why this week but it just has , maybe because I have been thinking alot about life and trying to journal about life (yes i am actually journaling on layouts and tryign to journal before I create).You see I know I will never travel, see the world, be rich, skinny, or famous. Sometimes I think yeah it could happen but then reality hits no it won't. I wouldn't change that I can't or never will do these things it's just one of those things in life ya know.Another thing that I have been thinking about not just this weke but for the last year is Mav's life what does the future hold for this little man? Will a cure be found for Autism? Will he attend regular school?Will he play football and basketball like Louis always wanted his son to? WIll he go to prom? Will he have a girlfriend? Will he graduate from High School? WIll he go to college? WIll he get married? WIll he have children? Will he have a great career? How is Autism going to affect all this? I don't know I hate not knowing. you see when you give birth to a beautiful healthy child nothing like will he be autistic ever runs through your head at least not mine and now that runs through my head everyday he is autistic what will happen?Why him why any of these children? I hope I pray that a cure and a cause is found its so hard not knowing why. Sometimes I still find myself balming me I know and i have been told many times it's not my fault but really no one knows whether it is or not.I also ask how did I get 2 little girls that have not a thing wrong with them and my beautiful son has Autism?Ok so now i have totally let it all out and not sure how I even got the courgae to type this since it has been so hard to think and write this stuff but I got it out now and yes there is more but I will save that for another day. If you have read this my one and only reader lol thanks so much~toodles!


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