Sunday, February 11, 2007

1 in 150

Yesterday after we got home I started checking my emails and got one from Autism Speaks that kinda scared me a bit. The have updated the rising number of children affected by Autism to 1 in 150. THat scares me because in just 2 years it has changed from 1 in 166 to 1 in 150 that is alot of kids just thinking about it makes me tear up that means that just about everyone will know someone that is affected by Autism if the don't already they soon will which to me is very scary. If you read this blog please do me a favor in the month of April find one of those little Autism blinkies or make one of your own and show your support for raising awareness thanks so much it would so be appreciated!!!

K happy note I have been scrapping like crazy lately I have so much mojo in my new space which I need to put a pic of on here. ALso I am in a challenge over at 3 Scrappy Boys which is so helping me get out the older stuff that I haven't used and use it. I have created over 20 layouts in the last month I don't think I have ever created that many in even 6 months lol .More scrapping news from me I got my issue of Legacy and I have to say it makes me giddy seeing my own layout in gloss its so cool! I showed it to grandpa and grandma and they were proud as was Louis which made me super Happy! ALso my Design Team gig at Scrappy Girl Designs is almost over and I am not sure that I will reapply for the new DT term. Just not sure what I want to do scrapping wise, right now I want to scrap and have fun if I get on a DT that's great since I have applied to a couple that I would love to be on but if I get that Thanks for applying but maybe next time letter that is fine too I am happy with me and my work right now. I think that I think this way now because I was able to be on 3 DT's this year, I so wouldn't have been this way in July I would have had a totally different view on the subject. Anyways enough of this chatter gotta go do some things will try to post more later I have lots of thoughts I need to type into here.

Oh I have to share the Mav said SOWee (Sorry) this week it was too cute I loved it Louis and I got all excited jumping around Mav all smiles but then reality hit Louis and I we had to catch the hamster taht was under teh table since Mav knocked the cage off the table but hey I would be a hamster rastler anytime if I could hear more of Mavs words.
ok toodles!

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