I am so not a good blogger..

That is for sure! It's been another week since my last post and I said I was going to try to post at least every other day man i really need to do this. Ok I will try not like anyone reads this lol so I am talking to myself anyways.
Ok news about me. I have a house full of sickies and it sucks!! ALl 3 kids have the flu and Mav has an ear ifection too poor guy. Got them some meds from the DR the other day so hopefully they will be better soon!Louis and I haven't caught it yet I got my fingers crossed we won't. Took Mav to a DR appointment yesterday thinking it was a neurologist well we get there and it is a behavioral specialist I wasn't a happy camper. Avery Mav and I (T was with mom thank goodness) waited for over an hour in this waiting room I felt so bad for the kids was ready to leave then they came and got us man I wasn't happy. I wasn't to impressed when we first got in the room with the DR either but 2 hours later I was kinda glad we waited and I got to talk with this guy he gave me some info and told me that I was doing a wonderful job with my son and he could tell the I was a natural mom I knew what I was doing and what was best for my children. THat made me feel good. He was impressed with the way that I handled things with Mav and how Mav presented himself. He thought that is would have been crazy but Mav is so laid back ( until he gets pissed of course which he did a couple times but still) he said he see numerous Autism patients and Mav really suprised him in a good way. Anyways it was a good appoitment in the long run. THe Dr also said if I need help with the IEP and school stuff that I could contact him and he would help out he is also goign to speak with some colleagues to get more info on things I can do. I have to say that I am proud to be Mavs mom he is so special to me I can't imagine life without him. Oh another thing that has been told to me over and over but again lately was that I was ment to be this little guys mommy I was picked for a reason to have him in my life and man I thank GOd for picking me I really do!!! Ya know I had a rough time choking down Autism at first which i have wrote on here about and I think most parents do have a hard time with it but ya know I wouldn't change it Mav is Mav autism or not. I truely have been blessed not once not twice not three times but 4 times with Teagan, Mav, Avery Ella, and Louis. Wemay not be rich hell we are very far from that we are happy if we aren't in the red at the end of the month, but in a way we are richer then any man with millions is we have each other, we have 3 beautiful children, we have our health, we have LOVE!!Can you tell I am having one of those man this is great kind of days. I am Happy today even though I have sick babies that are miserable I am happy that I am the one in their lives that I am the one they want to rock them that i am the one they love I am Happy!!Oh I have to blog about this thing I am going through with Louis too it's crazy we have been married for 5 years together 8 years next month and I have this renewed attraction, butterfly, crazy teenage thing goign on with my hubby it's really hard to describe but her makes me giddy. I love his smell, I love that look he gives me, I love his snuggles, and man do i love his kisses and love! It's awesome to be like this.Life is full of good things soak them all up!!! toodles~


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