Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cool Stuff

I found out that Mav is putting together 24pc puzzles at school which is totally cool!!
Teagan started writing her name this week! We are still working on getting it down pat but hey she started which is so cool!
I got a cool goodie box from my bud Holly this week!
I finally got to donate to ALi's 6 Degrees badge this week which i have been wanting to do but they wouldn't take discover card long story but anyways I got to donate thanks to a great friend named Jeri so cool and happy to be able to do this I was really bumming about it all week but Jeri made it better! Thanks again girl!!! By the way if you haven't heard about Ali's badge check out her blog there is a link on the side over there to it please go donate it's for a wonderful cause and she is a totally awesome lady!!!
I think i may have my mojo back which would be totally cool it's been gone for a couple weeks which has been depressing but I put together a great layout lastnight and it felt totally cool!
We have one week till spring break which is kinda cool I am not sure what we will do if anything different from norm.
Only a few more weeks till Miss FOxy will have pups which is going to be really cool for us!
I am me and that is cool!

Is there anything cool with you? DO you still use the word cool? I do and love it!! Have a cool weekend all!!!

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