so proud

I am so proud to be Mav's momma (and my girls momma too)he has been doing super lately I was getting really upset a few weeks ago thinking we were going to far back not getting anywhere near the progress stuff but then the last 2 weeks even last week while sick he has made so mcuh progress that it's amazing. It brings tears to my eyes to hear his voice saying words yes words not just one word words. Today when we picked him up at school the teacher and i talked and she loves having Mav in class and was amazed by all that he has been doing too. So as we are standing there he says Mrs M which is the teacher then she tells me he said ME today that is so awesome then when we were leaving he says bye bye..OMG love it!!Since Louis got the new job here in town and is home at nights it has made a big difference in Mav not only am I working with him but Louis is able too and you ought to see the shine in Louis' eyes when Mav does or says something he is so proud of him God I love these guys!Teagan is so much help to I think that with all the words and talking that she does even though at times it drives me nuts lol she is doing wonders for Mav too he learns from her and it's awesome. ALso he is learning from some of the stuff that Avery does too and the talking that I do with her he is taking in and repeating too.So excited we have been working really hard for this progress and it's a wonderful thing!Man it's awesome to be a momma~


aimee said…
Oh that is so great that he is making so much progress!
JoyLovePeace said…
Glad to hear you and your kids are doing fine !! :)

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