It was the coldest Easter since my mom was pregnant with me. We had snow so no egg hunts here. The kids did get some cool goodies in their buckets and they were happy with that. We also went to my mom and dads in the afternoon for dinner. The kids got buckets and we colored eggs there which was fun. One of the most exciting things about Sunday was Louis trying to teach Teagan how to jump rope it was cute and will be scrapped soon lol. Mav of course had to pick through everyones buckets get out the peeps and line them up in the color order it was cute but Avery kept sneeking them away and eating the heads off the rabbits lol. We had a nice dinner too and spent time with Dad since he just returned home from a not so great Spring Break trip to Florida man did I miss him. I have to say beign a kids during holidays was pretty good but watching your kids as a parent during the holidays is great I love it!!! HOpe you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Also I have been trying to get our story... Autism and Us on here but for some reason everytime I get half way done my computer does soemthing and poof it's gone so I am trying to get it on here sorry for the wait.

Mav returned to school today after 2 weeks off I wasn't sure how it would go but Mrs. M said he did great and he was chompin some gum to prove it(that is the spring reward thing for the day if he has a good day he gets apiece of gum. They worked with meat today he was alright with it the smell at least he didn't eat it but that is alright.

Happy Monday!


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