Wednesday... Wednesday

Is it really April? If you looked out my window today you would think it was December we are having some really nice winter weather. Where is my Spring? I lvoe spring but it's not in sight at least not for a week or two. Craziness!!!
I planned to go renew my license tonight since it expires in 7 days but I think I will put it off another day with the weather the way it is I just don't want to go out in the snow again and I hate the lines at the DMV.:)Speaking of drivers license do you have a good picture? my last one wasn't great so I am going to try to get all glammed up at least glammed to me lol blow dry the hair maybe some cover up and I think my bazzill shirt lol total scrapper when you plan to wear a bazzill shirt for your license.THe DMV will be like what the heck is Bazzill color?
Mav started chewing bubble gum this week and it's been funny because he only chew certain colors. He had a red gun ball yesterday but wouldn't have any part of it, the day before it was yellow and he loved it till it got stuck in his teeth then I had to hurry up and yank it off his teeth since he was screaming in the parking lot of the grocery store one it was out all was back to the regularly scheduled program. I do have one problem with the whole gum thing when he is done if it's nt stuck in his teeth he tends to leave it here or there for mom to find which can be a sticky mess and gross.
I finally scrapped lastnight which was nice. I haven't had the mojo and was getting really upset about it. I did read and reread Ali Edwards A Designer's Eye Books so I think it helped as I got 4 layouts done in less then 2 hours.Can't wait for her new book that is due out this summer. I also used my new Autumn Leaves stamps I got in the mail from Chelle too and I love them. I even did a handwritten title Elsie style which I really liked will have to do it more often now. Will be uploading the layouts later today.

toodle lou~


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