Happy Day

That's right today is a Happy Day here! WHy? Just cause that is what I want it to be! I am wearing my green shirt today and for some reason this color makes me Happy and makes me smile. I am going to make one little boy's day today Happy too. I am going to take him am Happy Meal and make him feel special! Doing this for this little guy will make me happy because I can picture the smile he will have when he gets his Happy meal (it's not Mav I am talking about it's another special little guy). I have also told T what we are doing and she is pretty geeked about it too and asked do we get Happy Meals today too mom? Well of course it's Happy Day!I am a little geeked if you couldn't tell lol and I sound like a weirdo with this Happy Happy Happy thing but hey come on get Happy with me! So here's a challenge do something today that makes you Happy, write down 10 things that make you Happy, Take a Happy picture. Yes, Happy is my word this year I have it all around me on my desk,wrote down, in pictures, and in the head. So heres to a Happy Day!!

Picture of Teagan's Happy face this picture always makes me smile!


Scrapthatpaper said…
well heck HAPPY Day is here.. lol i guess Ill have to write down 10 things that make me happy..

1) DH
2) My kids
3) Scrapping
4) gardening
5) Friends
6) The color blue
7) Chinese food
8) Ice cream (Ben and Jerrys to be exact)
9) Time to myself once in a while
10) My Kids

YUP ALl these things make me HAPPY!!! Love life!

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