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We went to a Garage Sale after school got out on Friday and Mav got a Bob the Builder matching game the cool part was when we got back to the car he started singing in his own little way the Bob the Builder theme song it was awesoem wish I had a recorder but I have it recorded in my head too cute made big smiles that day!
Oh yes I have to also add that we ordered the tickets for Mav and I to go see THomas and Friends LIve at Devoss Hall on June 2oth this should be fun he has been looking at the flyer for it for months now and I know he is goign to be blown away when he sees Thomas on that stage. Oh I am geeked about this one! I am on the look out for some girlie stage show now so I can take the girls I made a deal with T that is she would stay with Mammaw while I took M to Thomas that I would make a Girls day out and go see a Barbie or princess thing with her and A.
I have to tell you about Teagan this girl makes me laugh with some of the things she has been doing lately she is funny. She has been telling me mom remember when I was a little girl?.... Mom you know I am older now there are so many things I can do now... Um no she is still a little girl but I go with it and listen its cute. She has also been singing alot and making her own songs up kinda funny since I use to do that when I was a kid love hearing them. SHe has been very helpful with Mav too I think she is seeing and understanding that he is different and needs the help (and mom needs help with mav too at times) which is totally awesome she is an amazing child and I love her so much she is really maturefor her age(most of the time).
Ok now I need to get off here will share more tomorrow. toodles again lol.....


Scrapthatpaper said…
awwe T is such a smart girl! Love it when I talking with U and hear in the back ground! As you know she makes me giggle! Im glad she is helping out etc.. You can use it and so can she! It will only make your bond stronger ;)

Like you say .... toodles!

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