Monday, May 14, 2007


are such a cool thing! Seems like my family has had alot of adventures lately and they have been fun. The kids love the word adventure too! SO many adventures though mean less time on the computer which is ok too! I love the fresh air and spendin glots of time outside with the kiddies we are having fun and are very Happy (there is that word again)!
Some Adventures from teh last couple weeks include:
A trip to Toys R Us just me and the 3 kids that was a kinda wild adventure but fun we found lots of stuff that we are going back for this weekend after daddy gets paid.
Garage Saling oh man we love this so much fun ones trash is anothers treasure and we have found our fair share of treasures lately ie. puzzles, a laptop computer, and a few odd and ends.
A big adventure in the big backyard loves these adventures so many things out there critters, toys, fresh air and so many photo opts that I have had with the kids and DH.
A trip to Goodwill love this place again ones trash is anothers treasure and woowee did we hit the jackpot this last week. Mav got 2 THomas shirts and was so happy love those happy moments. I found some goodies for my scrapspace oh gotta tell abotu this cool spice rack things that I am going to use for embellies will have to take a pic but it reminds me of the new KI experiment looking tubes. FUn Fun!
One of the biggest adventures and the girls would say the best of all would be mom coming out with her camper to camp this past week. The 2 girls adore Mammaw and she adore them too! THey camped and did lots of fun things right in the front yard lol.
Not so fun was our pony geting out and DH chasing him down the road ugh I am getting so sick of that pony but the kids love him so I am giving one more chance to clean up his act.
Hmm what else I know there is alot but can't remember.well this is enough to read lol so will try to be back tomorrow with more interesting things to entertain you with. Toodles

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Scrapthatpaper said...

O SOunds like you are having SUCH a fun time on your adventures.. I think Ill go to the thrift store today to see what I can find! I also want a GIANT puzzle piece puzzle.. t hose will be fun to scrap !! I have not been to a garage sale in ages! Glad your having a great time!