A few pics from Yesterday

Teagan and I had a miniday together just us 2. We had lunch, went to the parks, and did a little cheap shopping. It was nice and she really enjoyed it. Going to try to do this with all the kids a few hours of one on one with mom. Trying to work out a schedule to do the one on one and the me time thing also trying to work in a date night once a month for Louis and I. Chaos but hoping I can get it all worked in here and there. I am really trying sometimes I feel like if i were being graded I woud get that big fat F but like I said I am trying and it's life it's not perfect.Today is another fun day just Mav, Avery and I. T went to Gma's and Gpa's house lastnight to spend the night. I am going to take Mav to see my dad here in a bit and take A to Nana's (my mom)then maybe chill for a little bit. Hope to scrap tonight but not sure what Louis has planned. Going to have a good day!! Happy Friday to all! Toodles~


Mandy, these photos are STUNNING! Wow, girl, how did I not realize you were such an amazing photographer? I've not blog surfed (nor even updated my OWN blog)in ages. Well, here I am. Miss you. I hope you're well. Thanks so much for sharing these photos and for the update on Maverick. I need to do more one on one time with my kids, too!
mcewen said…
Ooo we love the froggy!
Khristine said…
Breath-taking pictures! Looks like a perfect day.

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