Some Mav stuff

Decided that it was time to give an update on Mav and what is happening with him. I know some of you are looking on here thinking she told us to check here to see what this little man is doing and she hasn't put a darn thing on here lately. SO here goes

Words yes words:
"Ni Ni"- night night during nap time
"Bye I yuv You" said this to pampa after the soccer practice. He thought no one heard him but guess what momma slammed on the brakes and was jumping for joy screaming did you hear that did ya?
"Ello"-Hello too cute
"Sowee" Sorry
"eddy GO" when he goes on the slipnslide
He is still humming the Bob the Builder song since we watch the movie over and over it's cute I need to record it too.
lots of jibber I think he is very frustrated in his own little world right now which really sucks.

THings we have been doing
SlipNSlide oh man this is a big hit with him and it is working both with words and Sensory stuff.
The pool loves his water sometimes a good thing sometimes not so good
Tampoline again words and physical stuff he loves to jump jump jump
Grams got him a Thomas puzzle that he loves he has been putting it together a few times a day everyday.
We have been listening to the music that was played during music time at school and he's really not liking it but we are doing it and I think by the end of summer he'll like it again.
Coloring he got a new Shrek coloring book for the D Store loves his Shrek
Eating popsicle oh he is loving these which is cool since he usually doesn't like cold stuff.
Went to the park a couple times this was fun since he loves taking a dip in the foutain.
Some HIghlights so far have been going to work with Pampa the little dude loved getting to be with Pampa. It was too cute when I left he came running after the van like they do in the movies just to get one last kiss and hug from momma loved that ugged at my heart.The sliNslide for sure is a hit.Mav got to go to the movie theatre for the first this past Sunday with the week that we had we all needed to get out of the house and have some fun so the girls went with Nanna and Mav, momma, daddy, and Jess went to see Shrek the Third. Mav has been kind off and we had a really bad storm this weekend so I didn't really know what to expect but to tell the truth for a little man that has Autism in a loud, dark movie theatre with lots of people he did good. We had to get up a few times and he was a little squirmy but did good. He did fall asleep during the last half hour which to me was the best part of the movie.
2 Weeks from tonight we will be sitting watching Thomas on stage and I can't wait to see him when we get there he is going to have a blast jsut him and I.
Here are a couple pictures of the Mav man.


Khristine said…
I can't wait to hear Mav say those words. How VERY exciting. Thanks for Sharing! Love the pics!

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