My date with Mav

Yesterday was my date with Mav. We went to see THomas and Friends Live on stage at Devos Hall in Grand Rapids. OMG it was an awesome experience! I seriously had butterflies like you do when you go out on your first date not sure if it was the nerves about going or if it was excitement that I was the one getting to do this with Mav. He was happy on the ride there but fell asleep on the expressway so when we parked momma had to wake him up and he wasn't too happy so I was like oh crap what am I gonna do. I lost his Autism button (which louis found in the drive when he got home) I kinda panicked cause that thing explains his little quirks and people don't look and judge you so bad knowing that he isn't just misbehaving he has Autism but I didn't have it so now what am I gonna do? Tell who I need to tell if I need to tell anyone. We had to ride the elevator which scared the crap out of him so he was clingy then we got to the opening where you could see the concession/vendor stand with Thomas galore and we headed there oh I wish you all could have saw it my little dude lit up and had a smile from ear to ear it was such a mommy moment for me. He got a bag full of goodies who could say no to that smiling little dude not this momma. He got this wand with a Thomas on the end that glows he loved that had to carry it with him. We had to wait for a few minutes before they would let us go to our seats but he did good, the wand helped kept him occupied. Then we got to our seats which were perfect for us aisle seats the last 2 so if we needed to get up no disturbing anyone else. He sat there and took it all in it was great watching him.The show was suppose to start at 4 but didn't start till about 20 minutes after four so that 20 minutes was a little yikes factor we had to get up and walk because Mav has a mini meltdown nothing bad jsut needed not to sit.So we walked over by these windows which he loved he could observe all the people without them observing him. SO the show fianlly started and this is my OMG moment my little dude was so happy and excited that the tears started flowing for momma sounds corny I know but after all we been through experiencing this with him was wow so hard to come up with the words to describe it just wow. I did have to explain to the ushers and the lady sitting next to use that mav has Autism and that we didn't mean to bother them but we had to do what we had to do to keep him from having a melt down and the usher thought we needed to sit in our seats but after explaing they understood and heck I paid good money for those seats wasn't bothering anyone I was gonna get up if I wanted to.Mav sat on my lap and in his seat for the whole show he figited and moved but was nothing compared to what I thought would happen I was prepared to leave 30 minutes into the show. He was so happy I loved it!!! He wasn't much for the singing and dancing but when "Thom" as Mav calls him came out on stage all eyes were on him. The trains were really cool! When the show was over he didn't want to leave and that is when we had a meltdown that wasn't too much fun but we got through it and headed to the vendors again just to make sure we got stuff for the girls and a couple more things for Mav for doing so good. The only upsetting or bad thing about going yesterday is you couldn't take any pics during the show or of the trains if you did you had probs with security and since we were on the aisle and the Sguard was right there I didn't dare try to sneak photos . Its ok I have the memories in my mind and it was awesome.Louis really wished he could go and I could tell that he was a little upset that he didn't get to experience this awesome moment with Mav. I was telling him alll about it lastnight and you could see it in his eyes he was so happy and proud yet upset wishing he was there with us. He loved the pics I did take and he could tell by the smile on Mav's face that he enjoyed it and had a great time. Hopefully next time daddy will be able to go with us.We went to piuck the girls up last night but only came home with one child Avery lol the 2 big kids stayed with Gpa and Gma lastnight and of course the Dude always uses words around Gma he tells her lastnight "Go Gramma" I love that he is so like me when it comes to the relationship with Gma and she adores that little dude. Oh He got another mohawk too and he is a total DUDe now he rubs it and love it all spiked up too cute!!OK enough for now will catch up more later. Here are some pics from yesterday not the greatest but the best I could get Devos Performance Hall is a hard to get good pics I think.


Khristine said…
Thanks for sharing the wondering event with us. I would have loved to have seen Mav during the show. I am glad you two had a great time together!
CUTE photos! You've been tagged!

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