It's been awhile

I'm still here just lots has happened for the Koeppens in the last month. Trying to get back into our routine again. I will be able to post regularly now too. For those of you checking in for a Mav update sorry its been so long but here is some info on the mav man. Mav is using words and its so funny to hear them coming out of him like they have been even if we only hear the word one time we get so excited. My mom has him saying eddy, et, go and running around giggling too cute!No is a big word and one of his favs. He is counting to 10 and has made it to G in the alphabet.he has learned some signs not that he uses them but he has tried a few on his own. Food issues with Mav are not getting better but I did find something that he likes Cherries the real Michigan picked cherries who'da thought that? not me! He tried watermelon but he only sucks the juice and spits the mushy stuff out but at least he tried it.Still tryign to learn all that I am even trying to learn sign language who would have thought so many things could be said with 2 hands it's got my brain spinning. Teagan and I watch a TV program that is sign language for kids so she is getting in on the learning and teaching wagon too. It's crazy how much she has matured this summer it's like she is understanding Autism and that Mav is different and she is there for him protecting, teaching, and big sistering which brings tears to my eyes she even is asking questions about Autism and conversating about it and Mav. Avery and Mav are learning there words together. She is starting to say juice which is helping Mav to use "jaja"or "juice" to get his own too. hmm what else will have to think about it more and get back on here to post. Again sorry its been so long. toodles~


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