Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fun time

We had a pretty good weekend just the 2 of us can you believe it? I couldn't lol. Gma called Friday and wanted to take Mav and my mom took the girls. We already planned to have a sitter on Saturday because we had a wedding to go to. It was nice spending time with Louis I love it since we don't get much alone time just the 2 of us don't get me wrong I love my kiddies but it's nice to take a break and get reconnected with my hubby. Anyways the pic here is of Louis and I on Saturday before the wedding as you can see we got dresses up woohoo not something we do at all lol it was nice Louis looked so handsome and he gave me butterflies when he told me I was beautiful. We had a great time at the wedding it was a hot one but still lots of fun. I was a little nervous going since I would see old classmates and wasn't sure how they were going to act toward me but it was great I saw lots of friends mostly guys got to talk and hang out.It was crazy I kinda stepped out of my shell and got jiggy on the dance floor with the bride and one of the ex star basketball players from school I still can't believe I did that but it was fun and Louis said I looked pretty good everyone had a smile and was enjoying it lol. Louis and I danced which we never do so it made my heart flutter. Love him! I couldn't believe it I actually drank beer too I can't stand the taste but man when its over a hundred degrees and that stuff is ice cold it tastes pretty darn good! OH fun times for sure!! We got invited to another wedding in Sept hopefully it won't be as hot woo never forget the heat on August 11, 2007 that is for sure! Congratulations Christy & Justin!

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Heidi said...

Isn't it nice to spend a few moments alone with each other. It rarely happens with us too. You two look so nice in your picture. I am glad you had a good time.