Thursday, August 09, 2007

Have a minute?

Have a minute go sign up for the Making Memories newsletter here MM Newsletter when you get to the box that asks who referred you please put Mandy Koeppen. Even if your not a scrapbooker sign up Louis my hubby did. I think they send the newsletter once a month its really neat, gives you some great ideas and shows all the new MM product which is fab!

Going to try to find a minute or a few minutes for myself to create some things today. Haven't been in a good mood in a few days but today I woke with a smiling cuddly little guy in bed with me so we cuddled awhile and started to watch toons before the girls got up which made me happy and in a better mood.Today the girls seem to be in better moods too which is a very good thing. So heres to a good day Hope you all have a good one too!

Getting closer to school time and I am getting scared and nervous again will share more on that later~

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Scrapthatpaper said...

Awwwe ! I Love cuddling in bed with my little guy.. It has been a while since he crawled into bed with us, but thats ok! If he sleeps in so can I lol... Yup school is nearing and of my boys starts K.. Im ready, but I wont say that when school days are very much closer.. They grow so fast.. :)