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This weekend we went school shopping. We got good bargains at Old Navy not only did we find alot on clearence but when I got there the girl told me that they had a 20% off sale they give you a bag you fill it and of course I stretched and filled lol anyways you fill it up and what's in there takes 20% off the price even sale stuff. I was pretty darn happy. We also hit Steve and Barry's T got some pants and Louis got shoes plus he had to get a "my sister is the brat" shirt for Avery. We also got some school supplies which was good but what happened while at the check out sucked! WARNING for all of you that think Mandy is sweet here is the not so nice side. I very strongly dislike stupid people especial those stupid people that treat my son like shit. Nop only does Mav wear the I have Autism button on him when in public I also put an Autism ribbon necklace around him attach the button to it so people would see why he was acting the way he was. Getting to the stupid people story now.We are at the check out and Mav is in the cart Louis took the girls to the car and was going to pick Mav and I up at the door, so we puts all the stuff up there to check out and Mav flips out sceaming and crying and of course we have to have one of the stupidest bitchy lady checkout person there is she gets all huffy with me and in a nasty voice says" What does he want?" He wants his CARS crayons I tell her she gives them to him and he didn't stop cause she had scooped all our stuff up close and under the pile was his CARS markers he wanted them too. SO she says it again in a naty tone what does he want as I am trying to settle him down and comfort him as she takes her sweet ass time checking us out So I tell her he wants his markers and then he is fine he just needed his stuff ya know. I just wanted to reach out and slap the lady hello he has the frickin button and ribbon right there that gives you a clue "I'm not misbehaving I have Autism please understand." Read the damn button people! Instead of getting shitty and impatient just smile or turn away don't stare or make it worse for kids and the mom that is doing everything she can to make it a better situation for the child and all around.Please understand and be nice.So after that I went out of the store ranting and raving and poor Louis got his head bit off because of stupid people and what does he have to say "well say something to the people you know this world is filled with them!" I do say something but people should se ethe button too.Back to the Happnins..
Sunday we decided to get Teagan a bed since we have been saying yes we'll get you a bunk bed and then you have to sleep in your own room not in Mav's or on the couch like she likes too. We got her a new pine bunk bed and some pretty bedding for both top and bottom. Of course bargain shopper Mandy looked for the stuff that was on sale in the ad this week but guess what I got an even better deal then the ad we went down the clearence isle and you'll never believe this I got 2 $90 Martha Stewart bedding sets with the whole nine yards, shams, pillow covers, sheets, blanket, skirt etc for get this $12 yes you read right $12. I was floored myself it took a bit of talking for Teagan to get these since she wanted the other bedding that was in the cart first but we ended up with these beautiful sets and the look gorgeous on the bed. She loves her new bed! I also got Mav a bedding set for $3.50 complete like the other ones.We got the beds here in town and wouldn't you know with the luck we have the girl brings up one mattress for a bunk bed I was like what the hell a bunk bed with one mattresses?So we set off on a wild goose chase for mattress yesterday afternoon we had to go to 5 different stores before we ended up with 2 of the same mattresses. All the kids love the bunk beds so it's been fun watching them play in there. What a weekend it has been lol.
What else? I haven't been feeling so hot lately I think that I am going through one of those hormonal changes or something it sucks. Kind personal so if you don't want to hear just click away form the page now lol . Aunt flow droped in for a visit this weekend.I have been having aunt flow (PMS) visit only every 6 weeks to 3 months which most people are like oh wow you are so lucky but no no no no luck with my system it means something is wrong and Man it hurts like hell when flow finally shows her ugly face. I have had so many probs with female stuff that it scares me but I kinda tough it out since I hate going to the DR and the last time I told her about it she told me it's ok if you start going once every 4 months then call me. Anyways it sucks it kicks my big butt and if you know me there is alot of butt to be kicking lol.
Wow crazy I usually don't get too personal on here hmm must need to vent. Oh also got to talk on the phone with mY friend Michelle on Friday it was so nice to hear her voice again I have missed her so much it's been a couple years since we talked.Luv her!
OH OH Teagan just had to go to the beauty parlor this weekend she insisted that she have a hair cut so I got to take her Saturday after the whole stupid people thing happened and she brightened my day made me laugh and smile watching her get beautified. She got her hair layered and trimmed it was cute but she had to sit straight forever which for a 4 yr old girl isn't fun. When the trimming was done the girl asked if she wanted it styled T looked at me like what so I told her did she want her hair all curled up and beautified like MOms was a few weeks ago? Well of course she wanted the whole beauty parlor experience and I am glad she did the girl curled it up and it was so cute T felt like a princess and it was awesome to see her feelin special. She had to hear it from dad how beautiful she was he is the one that she knows always tells her the way it really is and he told her she was BEAUTIFUL!! Love my family!!!
toodles yapped long enough~


Scrapthatpaper said…
You yapped enough?? Yup you sure did lol.. Lots to say which is ok! Love the sale prices you spent on the conferters.. those sets can be outrageously pricey!! tell Aunt flow she doesnt need to be showing up to cause pain and trouble! lol

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