Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Some of my fav Summer shots

Mav, Jess, Avery, and Teagan bahaing at Mamaws house.

Jess and Teagan catching crawdads at the river

A momma's view

Mav relaxing trying to catch a ride on the current.

Mav and Piggy

Loev this pic was able to get it while riding the mini train at the fair just me and my guy.

Ridem cowgirl. Teagan just had to ride the mechanical bull at the fair.

Love her smile she was all about the rides at the fair.

Thanks to Pampa Mav and I got to ride the mini train at the fair. It was awesome this guy was full of smiles! Love this time that we shared together!

Loved this riding on the Merry Go Round with A.


Michele said...

Great pictures. It makes me miss you guys even more. Love Avery's smile, Teagan is getting TALL, and LOVE mav's Mohawk! My days have sucked lately and I wish that Calgon would jsut take me away! I love ya and miss you!!

Scrapthatpaper said...

Sorry I havent had a minute to post in a while! decided to peek in today and get to checking out yourblog!! The pictures are fabulous. Looks like you all had a great summer spending time with each other etc.. :D thats great news..

Heidi said...

Hi mandy~
Your photos are awesome!! You are a great photographer.