words words words and more words

Avery, Mav and Teagan too all have new words and sayings which is totally cool. It's so funny to hear these words coming out of my babies they are getting so big where does the time go? Avery has been gainin alot of words like stop, juice, mine, NO, Hey baby, yuck, poopy and lots more she so funny cause she has all these little gestures and faces she makes with each word. Mav this guy is totally cool and he knows it he says I coo which is "I'm cool!" with him its so exciting but a little part of my mind thinks ok now which word is he going to loose because everytime he gains a word another is lost so glad I got "I wuv you" recorded because we haven't heard it only a couple times since the first time. And MIss Teagan she has been full of words since the minute she knew she could talk but man that girl comes up with some of the darndest stuff I swear and of course she tells everyone everyon elses biz lol so if you need to keep a secret my advise is not to tell T. I think alot of the words and changes I am able to see right now are because mom has been here for a week and a half camping helping out, and letting me sit to think and observe a little more then what I normally get too.
GUess what..... we have added to the funny farm again lol we now have 3 pygmy goats. Belle, Lucy, and Molly are loads of fun the kids love them and boy its a sight to watch my goat herders. will put pics on tomorrow. We got the goats after going to the fair and seeing how much the kids loved them. They make great pets and are so friendly. Mav loved on particular pig at the fair too so we are thinking about getting him a potbelly piggy. Mav seems to like the animals that are different you know the ones everyone else looks at and says " man that is ugly" or they sigh and walk past to the cuter ones. There is something about Mav that animals really get to they react different to him like he understands them and they him. The girls are total animal freaks if we were millionares we have loads of property filled with animals but for now we have almost 4 acres with 3 dogs, 2 ponies, a cat, 3 goats, a hamster, and a couple fish.
I have decided to post a little fact every once in awhile about me that most may not know so here is the first which is related to the animal topic above.
I was kicked in the head by a horse when I was 9 yrs old. I had to have emergency surgery to pull my skull out of my brain and to remove air and water on the brain. One of my near death experiances.It didn't stop me from getting back in the saddle though I love horses to this day! I still have the scar on my forhead most think its a vain but it's not, it doesn't bother me much anymore it's there and reminds me what happened and makes me think how precious life is and how in an instant it can be taken.
Well this is long so I will wait till tomorrow to yap some more got so much spinning in my brain lol. Toodles

Just wanted to say "HI" to Chell if your reading this so glad we are in contact again I miss ya!!!!


Michele said…
It was so good to see my name at the bottom! I love you so much girlie and miss you terribly! I promise I will do everything I can to keep in touch!! LOVE YA!

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