Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We went to Openhouse tonight at school it was interesting. Got to meet Teagans teacher and see her class. Your never gonna believe this the little girl that choked T last year is in her class this yeah my tummy started turning and flipping the minute I saw her. I did let T's teacher know about it and she told me not to worry T will be safe with her and that she was glad I let her know about the incident. I am a little more nervous for T now I just hope all goes well for her. Mav got to go to his class too he loves school the little dude was so happy there and didn't want to leave we had a little meltdown and stares but hey it's life it happens and we get through it just when it happens you (the momma)feel every single eye on you and you feel as if you are the smallest person in the room only about an inch tall.
Do you ever feel like you are failing?This is something I deal with I especially feel like it when I am around certain people and they compare how they are and how I am and my fam are. Not gonna name anyone in particular but after tonight I was all nerved and upset second guessing myself am I really doing all that I can? am i doing the right thing? what if? am I failing? (*note to me I need to scrap this feeling*)
Tomorrow is Mav's first day of school it's a little nerve racking not as bad as last year but still nere racking. I think things will be fine he is in good hands! Teagan starts on Thursday and goes all day it's going to be a really big change for her but I think she will like it once she makes some friends her own age that she will see often she loves people esp nice ones :) Will share First Day pics tomorrow and Thursday. gonna try to get some sleep sorry for the babble if you read all this thanks so much and really I'm not crazy I'm just a momma lol.

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MichelleStrachan said...

Girlfriend, you are not failing! You're doing an awesome job! Miss you! HUGS!