Wednesday, October 24, 2007


That is how long it has been since i posted on this blog. So much has been happening here in the last 6 weeks that computer time has been at the bottom of my list. We decided to try Mav on the Gluten Free Diet he is doing good on it the first couple weeks were really tough and stressful butit has been worth it we have gotten to hear so many words t's awesome!!!I am trying to get Mav his own personal aid at school which has been very very stressful and overwhelming I want whats best for my lil man and he needs the one on one time but not everyone sees it that way so I have been fighting and being a pain in the ass but I got too. We have had sickness in this house too it's crazy I swear someone is sick every week ahhh. Teagan loves school and she has now mastered the art of tying her own shoes and writing her name on her own papers totally awesome so exciting!!! Avery is too funny she wants to go to "cool" (school) just like the big kids so she and i have joined Mav's class a few times she really enjoys hangin with the other kiddies. My mom has been helping me alot the lst couple weeks which is wonderful since it has been tough and stressful with all that is happening didn't really think she would be doing all that she is helping with school, listening to me cry, babysitting but she is and it just wows me. I think she is finally seeing what it is like to walk in Mandy's shoes it's not all popcorn and soap operas. Louis is doing pretty good except this morning he hit a deer with the van so now we are going to have to find him a new car I really think that van called the animals out or had a big let me hit ya sign on it or something lol. Gotta go my me time is up~

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