Friday, March 07, 2008

Figured out that I will be coming to the librbay once a week by myself to update this blog. I love having it to keep track of some of those things I forget which latley has been alot. Not sure if anyone reads this anymore but if ya do thanks!

So much happening here lately. It seems like I worry and stress way to much over things i can not change. Alot has to do with Mav. trying to figure out what is working what might work or what we may have over looked that was working. Going to Dr.s appointments every week to figure out this or that. This next week we go to the Neurologist and we have lots of blood work before we go to the Dr. sounds like fun huh? I am so proud to be that little mans momma he makes the bad days go away and makes this face light up. He is very funny lately too. We have his new IEP tomorrow and we will be talking about all the changes that will be coming for him in the next school year he is moving on to a new class which is hard for me in away and I am happy for him to get a chance to go on to learn new things in a new environment. I am scared of the change that will occur because it almost seems like that day in May of 06 when they told me that my then 2 yr old would be going to school in the fall and it floored me now my 4 yr old will be moving onto a new clas starting his 3 year of school and will he be ok what if they don't get him, what if he doesn't do well there. the what if's kill me. I swear I need a vacation. It will be ok I have been told so those people that have told me that be prepared to listen to this momma cry and be there for us.
My little baby girl has hit the terrible 2's full force OMG I think she is making up for the other 2 being so much easier at that age. CRAZY!!! She is full of words and knowledge. Love her but man she is a handful has been since the minute she was concieved.
Teagan is doing awesome in school. Totally loves everything about it. Starting to read and the child loves to sing and make up her own things all the time. Love that! She is very creative too loves drawning and scrapbook and she has an eye with the camera too. SO mature for her age and so helpful to me.
I have been scrapping here and there but lately I have been reading and researchign alot for mav so I wasn't able to scrap as much as I have in past months. I need to post some pictures here soon but in the mean time is you take a look over on te right and click on Your Scrapbook Stash you can see some of what I have done in the last few months.
This weekend Louis and I will be going on a date since his Bday is monday we are celebrating tonight and tomorrow since the kiddies are going to Gpa and Gmas and Nani and Pampas for the weekend. Nice little break for us.
toodles for now.

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MichelleStrachan said...

Hey, Mandy. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! Haven't talked to you in ages! :)