Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still here just so busy with the last week of school and Dr appointments.COMING SOON: Working on something awesome for Your Scrapbook Stash can't wait to share it. Also I am so excited my cousin Tim and Miss Keli are going to have a baby I am so excited. We went baby shopping for Baby girl this past weekend got her a few things it's so funny how the baby stuff draws me in now I haven't been this way since I was pregnant but love looking at the baby stuff now. I am very happy for the 2 of them I think they are going to be wonderful parents. Still trying to talk Keli into some tummy shots and couple shots of her and Tim together I told her about the heart and hands on the tummy and she thought that was a totally cool idea so maybe she'll let me take the pics I hope so. I'm planning n putting together a Couples Baby Party to celebrate the upcoming birth of Baby Girl so if any of you have done or attended anything like this let me know if you have some ideas. Thanks! So much going on will chat again soon. Peace to all~

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