Monday, June 02, 2008


SO happy to see you again! We have so many big adventures coming this summer. We have already had a few which were both fun and not so fun. We went to the Zoo yesterday as a family Me, Louis, the kiddies, mom and dad, andJess it was so much fun. Mav got to the Bear got up on the fence and at the top of his little lungs yells RRRRRR it was so funny everyone was looking at him smilng and the bear I think had a laugh too. THe girls enjoyed the big cats and the monkeys. This was Avery's first time at the Zoo where she could really understand where we were she loved it. We took a Swan boat around the water hole they have at the Zoo oit was a trip JEss I and Mav went in one boat my dad took Avery and Teagan he had a great time was the best $5 bucks spent he said. OUr boat got stuck so i had to get out in the water and push it was so funny I had to laugh. Louis took pics will upload later when I get a chance.WE have plans to do more as a big family the rest of the summer. OH my fav part I got a guy to take a family pic we don't have on but we do now all us it's awesome!!
Last week we had Teagans mouth surgery everything went good she was really upset with me but we got through it all. I even got to dress up like a DR which was cool got to live in a fantasy dream for a minute have pics just so I can say i did it once even if it wasn't the real thing with the MD behind my name. Had Mav's Neurologist appt which went alot better this time then last we still had ot wait but the DR didn't treat him like an animal she was very good and understanding. We go for more testing and possibly another MRI. WIll let know when I get results. THanks for all the support of us.
Scrapping News I have completed the MINIbook for YSS and it is totally cool I must say. I haven't added a lot of pics to it because I want to put summer pics from this summer. going to try to document our adventures this year notice i said try since life gets busy I am not always good with documenting.
ok thats all for now PEACE!

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