Saturday, June 21, 2008

So crazy

Ok so I am not good with the blog you all know that by now. It just seems life gets so crazy when you think you have time you don't. Been doing alot with Fam lately enjoying it. I have been scraping and found a new passion painting I painted a few canvas' which I need to take pics of so I can share with you. It's a stress reliever and I found that the Dude(Mav) loves watching and thenlooking at the paitning so even if the are masterpieces to him they are. Teagan got to go to a circus the other day she loved it mom saved some goods for me to scrap and even bought a camera there to take pics for me. I haven't been feeling well lately but I am going to be better soon. Kids and DH are doing ok. Peace to all.

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Did you see the cute canvas' on the Studio Calico blog? They used the LIFE papers from 7 Gypsies! Very cute!