Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Here it is almost mid September where does time go? Hard to believe SUmmer went by so fast we had alot of fun up till the last day before school. WE had lots of adventure this Summer our first family road trip, camping, fishing,swimming,overnight stays at Mamaws, a wedding, a new baby cousin, more camping, a few trips to Zoos.Fun FUn!!

Now the 2 big kids are back to school Mav goes half days everyday and Teagan goes Tuesday & Thursday 1/2 day on Friday afternoon.For 3 hours 2 days a week it's just me and the Peanut (Avery) we hang out doing fun stuff together like today we are sititng at Burger King having breakfast then we will head to the Library to look at books.

Here are my big kids 1st day of school pictures

A big milestone for us happened 2 weeks ago Miss Teagan learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels she is growing up way too fast. SO full of adventure she is. Love that!
Happy mood today hope you all have a fab day!!

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Michele said...

HOLY SMOKES! They are gettng so big. See Mav in that pictures makes me tear up! I still remember that cute little boy that I snuggled with when I came up! He is getting so much of the grown boy look to him! And my goodness is Teag getting big also. Where did time go?? Love ya girl!