Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good News

Today I was suprised when I dropped Teagan and Mav off at school I turned to see Teagan's teacher Mrs.Williams and she started talking to me about Teagan as I listened to her tell me how she loves Teagan and that they have bonded she's doing well in class too. I could really see in her eyes how Teagan has tugged at her heart she also went on to tell me how I should be proud and I think she could see it in my eyes and smile on my face I am so proud of my little girl. Teagan has something about her she is likeable by all, loveable to all, and she has the thing that touches all she comes in contact with. I love her so much.
Today is Birthday club day at school. Birthday club is once a month and the students with a Birthday during the month get a treat and their family can come have lunch at school with them so today I get to have lunch just me with Teagan. The principal said it wasn't a big deal kinda thing but to Teagan I know it will be so I will have camera in stow.
I'm still on my minibook kick I have made 3 in the last week love them things. I also got my new autographed Ali Edwards mini album idea book in the mail with my Cocoa Daisy kit and I love it have looked through it so many times Louis says it must be really good and it is! Also love the Cocoa Daisy kits they are fab I started my subscription in July and love getting that box every month.So much cool stuff packed inside.

WIll have pics of some of my work for Your Scrapbook Stash up in the next few days too.

Have a great day!!!

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