Monday, October 27, 2008


That is all I can say about Taylor Swift she is AWESOME. Teagan, my cousin and I got to attend her concert here in Grand Rapids last week OMG is was a delight one of the best concerts i have been to. She is down to earth, heck of a performer, and her songs are just catchy. Love it! a couple pics from the night.(my pics aren't the greatest Louis didn't want me to take my DSLR big city walking to stadium was a little worried about the crowds so I had my old Kodak oldie but goodie and it didn't exactly take the quality pics I wanted but maybe next time. I forgot to mention that the check the camera at the door too so they know what zoom you have they don't let you have anything with major zoomage.Oh and we got to meet a new band called Love and Theft pretty cool got this pic and an embaracing moment that I won't for get hello middle guys junk seriously was trying to put my arm around Teagan not say hi. Gotta love Teagan's face she was so tired by the end of the show.