Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today I voted for the first time in my life and it felt good. In the past I chose not to vote thinking that I was a nobody and my vote wouldn't chabge anything or make a difference well that kind of thinking change for me this year, I felt the need like I could really make a difference and actually help change.
Today I dawned my Peace shirt I bought this weekend thinking I looked pretty cool and I felt so good in this shirt after dropping the big kids off to school Av and I headed to the voting station. I walked in with a smile on my face my pride and joy holding my hand I gave my info, got my ballot, asked a quick question(virgin voter so didn't want to screw it up)n headed to my booth and there Av and I 1 by 1 colored in the little circles we got done and Av wanted a souvenier but there wasn't any oh wait there was by the voting machine the eater thing was stickers she got an I voted sticker just like mom. Afterwards we headed to the car and Av wanted to know where's my vote I thought we were getting a vote what happened momma? Um Um we did vote remember the circles the waiting the quiet time? Yes but where my vote? So I explained again and again with a smile on my face. I love this country and this freedom!
I hope everyone who can will go vote today it is awesome and you do make a difference like they say every vote counts!
Ok I think that's all for now I'm on such a high today feels so good!Tjanks for letting me share.Have a good one!
I have a picture but for some reason can't upload I swear I have the worst uploading luck lol.

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