Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello October Hello Fall

Pics taken at Gpa and Gma Bursleys House last weekend.

*Note* Mav is not present in the fall Pumpkin pictures as of yet because he decided it was more comfy on Gma's bed then to be outside gathering pumpkins. Gotta love the choices he makes for himself if he's happy so am I.


Ok so you all know i love mini books well when I read Stacy Julians challenge about giving yourself a present I was all for it then I got to thinking and have thought this for awhile now that every woman I know should have a little something special with them so they can view it at those moments when they really need a boost or smile so I pysched myself up and decided I would make a list of at least 10 women I know that i could make and give a book to and i have 6 so far gave a few away and will be giving the rest out shortly so here is a preview of some i made so far. And if youwant to be added to my list of wanters of these little gems email or leave a comment i would love you give you one. Spreaddin the love with all~


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ck said...

Am I too late to be ask to be ask for this little gem creation by you? Just chance your blog from YSS. These little gems are simply lovely! :P