Friday, December 19, 2008


Ahh we are getting so much of the white stuff today was another snow day for school so no kiddie Christmas Parties bummer deal. I am thinking we are going to have a littlle Koeppen Kids Party this afternoon if all are good this morning. We are suppose to get a foot of snow I think we have already reached that goal by the looks outside. For sure Michiganders will be having a Beautiful White Christmas.

If its not one of the kids its Louis or I who is sick.In the last 2 weeks we have had the flu,ear infection,sinus infection, cold,Bronchitis,and Av had early pnuemonia. I swear we catch everything. Hope that no one is sick for Christmas cross your fingers for us.

That would be me. I don't have all the Christmas shopping done still a few more things to get. Still a few more things to make.Still unpacking from the move I have the girls clothes in boxes still and my Scrapbook stuff is still sitting waiting to have somewhere to call home. I want to get it out so I can create something. Our Dryer has to be converted to Natural gas since we are closer to town so Louis better be getting that done tonight the pile is stacking up and driving me nuts. I have also slacked on the blog once again but really there has been so much going on in the last 2 weeks I'm suprised I haven't filed for a sanity ticket yet cause my life has been a bit insane.

The Move
Went good Love our new home.Kids doing great here and so are Louis and I. Very happy. Nice and cozy feel. We thought we'd have nice weather to move with but nah didn't happen but we got it done with the help of my mom and dad. Thank God for Jessie too she stayed at the new house with the girls so Av would be kept in a warm place and able to sleep after she got all her meds.We had her in Urgent Care 2 days in a row for the ealry pnuemonia and all the other good stuff.Doing better now.We got to set up the Christmas tree this past Sunday so cool Mav was all about the diggin inthe ornament boxes to see what goodies he could find so cool.Um what else hmmm I guess this is it for now. Have a wonderful weekend.

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