Saturday, December 20, 2008

A trip to the ER and Strep Throat

Ok this is my official filing for my sanity back post. We made another trip to the ER lastnight with Teagan and we were told she has bilateral ear infection and Strep Throat.Seriously? Seriously? Ahh that stuff is like a bug that jumps to everyone so now I'm waiting for the Peds office to call back hopefully they will put Av and Mav on antibiotics without having to make the hour drive to the office to see them. I swear if my fam doesn't start getting better I don't know what I'm gonna do its driving me crazy. I think I should consider homeschooling just so they don't get the germs from school.As babies my kiddies were rarely sick and when they went to school they have been able to pick up every tom,dick,and harry sickness out there.
Ok done venting wish me luck going to degerm my house today and tomorrow.

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I thought about homeschooling too! Nick was sick starting the day I took him to daycare. Sick from February through September. And he'd pass it on to me and then Bryan. It was just this huge circle. I went to work so sick sometimes. But I lost 18 pounds! :)
Merry Christmas!