Thursday, January 29, 2009

Earliest Childhood Memory

So I saw this challenge to share your earliest childhood memory from a fellow blogger and decided to share. Just to let you all know at the age of 9 I was kicked in the head by a horse I had to have emergency surgery to remove water and air on my brain and have my skull pulled out of my brain. After the truama to my head I wasn't effected in any way except I noticed I have lost a lot of my memory from my childhood and even in the past 15 years things aren't that easy to remember. I always have someone saying hey remember when we .... I get upset when I don't remember and have to tell them sorry I can't remember it.I do get some memory back when I see photos of my childhood. This all sounds bad huh? Its ok I'm ok with it so no sobbing. I think this is part of the reason I take a million photos and scrapbook.
Ok so now to a memory that I do have
I can remember my first pony I got at my moms house I was 6 I think he was jet black and his name was Buckshot. He was pretty but a real piece of work he always wanted to rare up and be a turd.I can remember being out on my grandparents farm riding around with my 3 cousins we all had ponies and they all lived right by my grandparents. We had a lot of fun racing our ponies trying to show off to one another, trying to get our ponies to do tricks and then getting in trouble. I always wanted my cousins ponies they were nice and easy to ride unlike my Buckshot who liked to rare.I did eventually get a wondeful horse that did everything that I wanted and more.Its kind of funny how close my cousins and I were back then and now we are all in our own lifes and barely see each other.Only one of us still rides horses.
I think this challenge has me thinking I'm going to sit down with my Gpa and Gma and mom so I can write down some more memories so I have them.

Are you up to sharing your childhood memory? I'd love to read about it so leave a comment if you do.
Off to create some more goodies today. Have a terrific Thursday!

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Scrapthatpaper said...

It is sad that I do not really remember a lot of my childhood. Not because it is sad, but because I have so much more to focus on now as a mom. A few of my favorite memories - 1st grade learning the megalinapegalinaooperstinerdinerriner song while we made a stick doll. SO SO FUN! SHe was my favorite teacher ever.
4th grade - I had to sit with a girl (my neighbor) on the bus. SHe made me so made we faught. She hit me. I grabbed her hand and pinched it as hard as I could and made the top of it bleed. Yup I went to the office for the first and last time ever.. We ended up being best friends throughout my graduation.
Graduation all nighter - SO SO FUN! I wish Istill had those VHS tapes of me... I won 50 bucks!

MY FAVORITE member of younger years.. Running away with my boyfriend.. Not because I was a bitch, but because I wanted to teach my mom that just because I am a girl doesnt mean I am any different than my brothers. Long long story! We will have to talk about that one..

Now my favorite members are those of the birth of my kids..