Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pink Eye,Facebook,Creating

Yep you read it right Pink Eye has made its mark here at the Koeppen home.Poor Teagan has pink eye and not the kind of pink eye a little girl thinks would be cool its the itchy,painful,bad kind. We took her to the walk-in clinic this am to have it confirmed and get her on meds.Hopefully my stay away from Teagan,wash your hands, don't touch this or that tactics help so the rest of us don't get it.We're not sure how she got it she went to school and brownie scouts yesterday and that was it so its a 50/50 guess where and who knows who its was that had it. I know I don't want it that is for sure I have enough probs with my eyes and infections.

Facebook yep I took the plunge the other day. I total duh when it comes to it but I'll figure it out just like I did this nifty blog of mine.
I do need to be cool and post more pictures on here they say more people read your blog if you have great pics on it... Ok
Hopefully I will be getting wireless internet here at home tomorrow if all goes as planned.

Creating Valentines goodies the last few days will have lots to share tomorrow night.I feel like a slacker should of had them done and posted last week but I didn't and its ok because they have turned out cute and I've been adding to my non scrapping goodies to make scrapping goodies . Make sense? I don't know lol getting tired. Tomorrow I'm sleeping in since we decided to keep both Teagan and Mav out of school just to be on the safe side and not spread the wonderful pink eye with anyone else especially the kids in Mavs class.

Thanks for reading.Sweet dreams.

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Scrapthatpaper said...

O I hope she is feeling well soon! Pink eye is no fun at all.

Have fun with your Vday cards!