Friday, January 16, 2009

No School? Really?

Yep after freezing all week long they finally decided to close the schools here today. Ahh Thanks! I don't think its been this cold in Michigan in a very very long time at least don't remember it being like this ever.Its so cold that when you go outside your bose hairs freeze up ever if you've just blown everything out your nose and nothings let to freeze or so you think. Mav hates the cold so I'm glad he gets to sleep in and only goes to the Dr this afternoon.
Louis and I get to have a night alone tonight and maybe tomorrow too. My gpa and gma have the girls already and I drop Mav off to them after his appointment. It was a total suprise since most of the time no one takes all 3 at the same time.They will have lots of fun stories to tell when they get home,you always have fun at gpa and gmas house.
I have a new challenge going up over at your scrapbook stash today its a fun one check it out if you get time.
Have a great day I'm off to zzzz land again.

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