Saturday, January 17, 2009


Louis and I have another night together. We had a nice cozy night at home and we have had fun today day together today. Gma and Gpa are keeping the kids til tomorrow such a suprise and its really nice for them and us. Louis and I are getting some decorating done here at home haven't done much since we moved. Just hanging out enjoying each other.
Update on Mav's appointment. We had xrays and found some other probs with bone in his right foot might have to have surgery earlier then planned but we will wait til April to see if its gotten worse over 3 months. He is also going to need physical therapy now because his feet are getting more rigid instead of flexible like a normal child foot is. We aren't worrying but if you would like to add Mav to your prayers we'd appreciate it. We decided with everything going on with Mav that we are just living for today and enjoying every minute we're not (I should say trying not to) worrying about all the news we're getting from the Dr.s and all the testing.
I got some new goodies today to create with so be on the look out later in the week for the tadahs.

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