Wednesday, February 18, 2009

and there's more....

I have been creating alot lately just got the bug to make stuff (thank goodness it was that bug not the one everyone else here has had)and try to dwindle down my stash so here are a few more layouts for you too look at. I also added a follower thing son the side so you want to tug on my pant leg and follow along just click over there on the right if not whatever just keep reading please.(i'm pathetic right?lol)

Heather asked how old my kiddies were so here's the run down.
Teagan Zoe is 6 9-26-02
Mavrick is 5 11-18-03 yes he and Teagan are only 13 months and a few weeks apart but it works and has worked out great.
Avery Ella is 3 1-9-06

You can see this layout better is you go HERE. Blogger and my pics don't mix well so the size things is the way it is for now.


Heather said...

Wow you have been super busy! All of your layouts look so great! Our kids are pretty close in age. =0)

~Nancy~ said...

Wow.. you sure have been busy!!! Love love love all of your creations so much.. so eyecatching and full of cute details!!!!! Have a great Friday! XOXO

Beth said...

wonderful pages Mandy! i love the way you handle title work. thanks for stopping at my blog too!

Kim said...

awesome pages!!!!!!! way to go using up some stash and getting lots done!!