Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Monday

AHH I woke up to a not so happy hubby this morning he was so upset he woke everyone up he was rushing to get ready for work since the alarm was set for pm not am and he was almost anhour late. Poor guy I felt bad for him.He didn't get a goodnight sleep on top of that since the sickies are still sick and it seems like Teagan is always making a run for the bathroom at 4 am poor girl. I will be so happy when sickness is finally gone. Mav is still fighting what he has he sleep almost the whole day yesterday without eating and very little to drink I was getting worried. Both kids are off school today but I think Mav may be staying home tomorrow. Even with sickies I have gotten quite a bit done I had a nice hot shower this am after my little rest on the couch after Louis left, watched some smurfs with the kids, got Teagan ready and she went to her BFF's house today and then they'll come here tonight to play she was excited even after a not so great night, i cleaned the basement swept and rearranged it so happy with myself for that, laundry is going, got the kids lunch and now I'm catching up a bit online then I'm goign to scrap I have challenges to do for a weekend crop I was scoping out this past weekend.I got a call from Mav's neuro nurse today scheduling a sedated EMG but with only a 40% accuracy Louis and I have decided not to go through with it i mean if anything else in life wa that low of a percentage would you go through with it? NO we just can't put him through it not to get the result needed and possibly have to go theough more when he gets such bad anxiety jsut going to the DR now. Poor dude. Peanut the Builder aka Avery is fixing my non broken kitchen cabinets and sawing on the the kitchen table. She is on the whole occupational testing kick. I personally think she is goingto make a great CEO, Boss, or Management person. LOL just kididng.She make me laugh. Haven't taken a whole lot of photos lately I don't think but I have been scrapping alot which is pretty cool. I'm debating what to do for a suprise for Louis' Birthday I thought about # Doors Down tickets but with the kids sick i don't think tha will happen, thought about planning a weekend getaway(not too far but away), I just don't know and when I ask him what he want his reply is " what do you want to do?" or "what do you want to get me?" what kind of answers are those? They drive me crazy. I will leave you with this photo I found while searching for a love avatar on google and I think it's pretty cool.

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Heather said...

Hey Mandy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following it. I noticed you talking about a sedated test. We had to do an EEG for our daughter who has CP, and it was inconclusive. So all of the sedation and everything that I was so nervous about, and they weren't even able to tell anything from it! I don't blame you for deciding not to go through with it. How old are your kids? I have 3... Alexis 7, Jordan 4, and Brandon 1.


Heather said...

P.S. I added myself as a follower too.

*Paula* said...

thanks for stopping by my blog Mandy! Hope all your sickies are feeling better :)