Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been Tagged...

I was tagged by the fabulous and funny Lisa T. Howard The point is to grab your camera and take a photo at the exact second you realize you have been tagged. so here is my mug I used the web cam on the puter so the pictures aren't that great and I am totally not into pictures of myself but I was tagged and you just have to do what you have to right? LOL yup so here I be..
oh and guess who is next on the list to show their mug???I have no clue how many I was suppose to tag so if your reading this post hey your it I wanna see your mug too!
Don't forget to check out my last post you so know you want to sign up for that.

1 comment:

Lisa T. Howard said...

LOVE IT! I KNEW you would be great at this! As for how many you were suppose to tag...I don't have a clue. I just picked several way cool chickies to play! Thanks for joining in the fun. BTW, I will get with the program and post my version of your last post soon!