Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Break

WOOT WOOT!!! It's Spring Break here for the Koeppen kids so what are they up to? Notta seriously we are just hangin out at home veggin. We have watched a few movies actually we have watched 20 minutes of alot of movies that's about all Mav lets us watch before he quickly ejects and switches DVD's it happens in a blink of an eye I swear. Miss Teagan and Avery had a little va-ca at mamaws house this weekend they came home yesterday and boy were they oh so pleasant they must get away with everything while they are there. they are being pretty good today other then the daily sibling chais thing which we are kinda use to now I can't wait till the teenage years woo gonna be grey maybe balding by then from pulling my hair out. UTOh here comes the drama team Avery tried forcing a doll binky into Teagan's mouth so she is crying because it hurt her teeth. see what I mean laugh it off mandy laugh it off.

I have been surfing Etsy today I really love that place you can put a search in for one thing and browse through the finds all day long I got lost for a couple hours searching for Autism stuff today for Mav's blog cool stuff hop over to see.

I have a few layouts I have created this week but I haven't put them on the computer yet I'm bad at that maybe tomorrow you'll be able to see them. Maybe is the keyword in the last sentence.

I started a diet this week but I'm not sure it's working out I think I may need more sugar in my diet because I'm getting shakey and sick so I'm watching it this usually always happens when I try to diet.

My Birthday is a week from Saturday yippy. I have things that I like or should say would like to have but this is on my "I WANT THIS" list and I think I have my wonderful (batting my eyelashes) hubby talked into getting one of these for me.I found the pink first but the purple is less pricey. I'm good with either. Oh I can see it s me just toolin (new word for riding) along maybe a basket on the front and pulling a Mav trailer behind me(i've asked for a trailer too easier for the dude and we have lots of family adventurers planned this summer).

Have a great day!SMILE!!!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Wow Mandy, everybody's birthday is in April! Mine, my daughter's, my workout buddy, the lady I work with...guess July is a good month for gettin' some lovin'...lol! At least I think that would be the month that is 9 months prior to April. Anyway, hope you get that awesome bike with the wagon! You MUST post pics!

Heather said...

My birthday is this Friday! I already know what I'm getting though. Scrapbook stuff! The pink bike is WAY cute! Enjoy your Spring break! Ours doesn't start until Friday.