Thursday, April 02, 2009


Today is World Autism Awareness Day, the 2nd day of April which happens to be one of my favorite months, is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday woot woot!, I took a walk with Wubbzy, Spring Break starts,I blogged on M.A.D. 4 Mav I will get things accomplished I did get out of my jammies um 20 minutes ago,i will document Mav's day and start his A Month in the Life book, I think we are having meatballs and I don't know what lese for dinner, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are both on, I'm good.

Wanted to share Danielle is doing another giveaway on her blog you can check it out HERE seriously you have to stop by her blog she had it made over and it's pretty Snazzzy!!

My kiddies had awesome reports at conferences lastnight, I was so proud!!! Teagan is at the top of her class and Mav is showing lots of progress so awesome! The kids were rewarded for all their goodness with a pick at the book fair Mav decided on a computer game it's a learning one that all will be able to use, Teagan got a computer game too hers actually came with 3 games where you can take care of a horse, a cat, and a dog it's pretty neat, and Miss Avery she got a Littlest Pet Shop book that came with a necklace have no clue why but that is the one she wanted so daddy said ok.
This may come as a shocker for some i know it did for alot of people around here lol I have decided to be a bit more girly I had a little makeover last week got my hair cut, got some very much needed new duds, bought some jewelry(nothing expensive just to dress me up a little), and a purse woot woot. I couldn't find the shoes i wanted I had them in mind but couldn't find them so I said forget it. Louis is so happy and so am I. I'm really a plain jane person what Oprah calls a "shlumpa dinka" yep that me. Even with the make over I'm still aunatural (sp?) no makeup for me.It really hit me a couple weeks ago I need to show my girls my girly side and show them that I am happy with me and not just be blah and thanks to Louis kicking me in the butt I changed a little on the outside but I'm still the same ol Mandy. here is a picture of me that Louis took after I got the hair cut and new clothes he was all psyched about taking my picture.



Lisa T. Howard said...

Goin' girly looks good on you! But, of course, I thought you were beautiful before...even if you did consider yourself a "shlumpa dinka"! Congrats on how well the kiddos are doing. Makes a momma proud now, doesn't it?

Stacey Michaud said...

Wow, girl! You look gorgeous! Thanks for posting about Autism Awareness Day--so important for people to really understand. I teach special education and have for 16 years now.

Emily Pitts said...

what a fun change! i love the term shlumpa dinka :) i haven't watched oprah in years, but i can totally hear her saying that! i am with you on the girly thing, but i have been trying to wear some jewelry now and then and i feel pretty. imagine that.
thanks for your nice comments on my blog. i am loving your layouts, must go look again!

Jocelyn said...

So glad to hear that the children are doing well!!!! Love the pic of you!!!! You look awesome!!!! Wishing you a Happy Tuesday!