Friday, September 18, 2009

Now back to the regularly scheduled program

Hey bet you never thought you'd see me on here again huh? Well I'm back I decided to kinda take a break this summer. Yes I have been scrapping, yes i have been taking photos(i have to admit not as many as I would like to have), and Yes I'm doing good. Kids are back in school both big kids go all day everyday which is going good. Mav's meds at finally on the right track (knock on wood). Teagan has lost 2 teeth in fact one came out at school yesterday. Avery and I have been making weekly visits to my Gpa and Gma and that has filled my heart and spirit with joy. I seriously miss my time with my gpa and gma they were and always are there for me and helped raise me I loves them more then words can describe. I love seeing Avery and Gpa having a good time it's awesome!WE went camping a few times this summer lots of fun was had.We hung out alot at home doing family stuff no big road trip this year for the Koeppens but we are looking forward to next summer. Louis is doing good he is now known as Super Louie thanks to Kort. I got a new car thanks to cash for clunkers and a wonderful Hubby surprise.My suburban was getting in rough shape falling apart really and the gas was crazy for the tank. I got a white 2009 Kia Sportage.Love my little car so different from driving the tank though. Um what else... i guess that will be for later since this is already getting long. I will post some scrapbook related goods later too.
~Peace MandyK

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Heather Landry said...

I'm glad you're back!!! We've missed you. I'm really happy to hear that everything is okay, and congrats on the new car!!!