Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's hard to believe that my beautiful baby girl is going to be 7 on Saturday.Time flies by us so fast. I remember being miserable and wanting to have this baby I wanted to see her I didn't want to wait any longer it seemed like the longest 9 months of my life and poof just like that her birth (even though the labor was over 38 hours long), her baby days, toddler years were over and now she's 7 and really mature for her age kinda like a 17yr old stuck in a 7 year old body.She is not only beautiful on the outside she is beautiful on the inside she has a heart of gold and and angelic soul.I love my girl. We are having a lil birthday party here on Saturday she got to invite a friend from school and then all the family we'll have around 20 people in our small house :)I'm excited to see her face when she opens presents because for the last 6 months I have kept a secret from her she is going to see Taylor Swift next Friday night with me , my cousin and her daughter. Gma got her this little gadget called a fuze its kinda like an ipod plays music, videos, pictures etc.she wanted an ipod and of course gma was going to get it for but she found this little thing we want to see how well she takes care of it first then she'll get and ipod.It should be lots of fun!

A couple pictures of my girl before I go...

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