Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday ramblings

Happy that today is Thursday it means that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend will start yeah! No big plans just love the weekends with my fam. I'm thinking if the weather cooperates we just may get some family photos taken this year.
Today I'm watching Dora and Eigo(Diego) with Avery she is into them big right now. She wants the rescue pack backpack for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas can you believe that is just a little over 2 months away yikes.
We got pumpkins yesterday Gpa dielivered a bunch of them so cool! Love the colors of Fall.
School is going good Teagan has her first spelling test this week she did awesom on the pretest so she got more words for tomorrows test so proud of her. She wrote a book last weekend really into telling stories right now.
Mav is doing good meds are figured out and school is good. He goes to the orthopedic surgeon next Friday.I'm a little nervous about the visit but it will be ok.Mav is back into the whole Thomas Train craze again.He's funny.
Got my Studio Calico kit yesterday wasn't really sure that I was going to like this month after seeing the reveal kinda not my colors but then i got the kit and its great hard to believe that it just gets better and better every month. Sad with the news that Scarlet will be leaving SC.She is an awesome lady one of the reasons I subbed to SC in the first place.Excited about their new product line coming out can't wait to see it.
oh I have to share my new fav thing at the present time..I got a pair high top i mean really high up the leg top yellow sneakers so cool!need to take a picture they are so cool!My blues ones are getting wore out and i need to add a little color to my wardrobe so i got yellow shoes.I'm a dork but i love them.

ok i think i ranbled enough for today.....

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