Thursday, October 08, 2009

it's routine a little bit of the am

6:30 amgetting up getting Louis up, running to the bathroom,turn on the news so I can listen in the background while the routine continues, making my way to the kids closets to pick out clothes, throwing Teagans clothes up on her bunk and waking her up with my lovely voice, get myself dressed , give Louis another wake up call, wake Mav, Put Mav in shower, start putting lunches together, wash Mav, ask Teagan questions, get a hug(actually a sqeeze around the waist from the back)from Louis then a nice little peck on the lips that I will cherish the rest of the day till he returns, get Mav out of the showe & dressed, Feed Mav breakfast and his meds, convince Teagan that yes she should eat breakfast most of the time this fails, ask Teagan to put lunches in backpacks, wake Avery up get her dressed in a sleepy state, brush teeth and comb hair, ask Teagan if she has brushed her teeth and combed her hair?, rebrush Teagans hair, brush Avery's hair, talk to Mav, round up Avery and Mav to brush teeth, wash faces, get coats and backpacks ready for school, put Mav and Avery's coat on, put my own coat on, ask Teagan if she has everything, 7:40 scoot everyone out the door to the garage, put avery in her seat buckle in, get Mav in his seat and buckled, Ask Teagan again if she has everything get an eye roll and Yes Mom i have everything, start car put seatbelt on, reverse car out of garage and drive way head to school, 7:45 park car get kids out walk the into the school, smile kiss and hug Mav, chat with his teacher, meet Teagan in her class line give her a kiss and hug for the day wish her a good day, Avery and i trek it back to car head home, put car in garage, close door, change clothes, answer averys questions about when Dora and Diego will be on with they are still sleeping its dark in Mexcio, flip thru the channels till i can find her something to watch, start dishwasher, get Avery breakfast, start laundry, check email and other garb online, take shower, get dressed again , do something with my be continued

ahh the life it's good!

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Heather Landry said...

It sounds almost identical to MY morning! Hectic, but fun. It's been great having you back blogging again.