A lift and some normalcy..

I lifted the fabulous Emily Pitts Besties layout for a challenge over at Studio Calico MB.I really like how my layout turned out.I was a little intimidated to put my work in the gallery at SC especially my first layout being a lift of Emily's work. I was biting my nails the whole time uploading then I got a comment from none other than Emily herself she was sweet it made my day I've been smiling ever since.I got a few more comments too and they put me on cloud 9. Yes I am 100% a DORK!
Emily's Layout
Here is my layout
I guess we are back to normal if there is such a thing. After 5 days of sickness i think everyone is healthy and back to their old selves here at the House of K. Teagan started the madness last Saturday night just when we thought we were done cleaning up puke Mr Mav came down with the dreaded bug. he had it the worst poor guy he was dehydrated the whole 9 yards ugh it was a mess. Miss A got it last ans thankfully hers didn't last too long she was like a rubber band bounced right back. I thought I was really going to loose my mind seriously just got the smell of puke out of my nostrils late last night. I kept telling Mr. K do you smell that? huh? you know puke I smell it he thought I was crazy(won't be the first time bless his heart)lol. I felt like Cinderella without the mice laundry got done over and over and over thought the stuff was going to fall apart, the poor carpet in the girls room oh it was a lovely shade til we got it all cleaned up at 3 am long night that night was, and Lysol oh the man that invented that stuff I'd like to hug him it smells good an disinfects!Thank you Gatorade too you got the Dude feeling better.A week off of school for the Bigs and Teagan is up to her ears in homework she's getting it done and never wants to take a week off school again lol hello Monday she'll be ready with her backpack(side note she will retract the never want to take that amount of time off school again till she hits the dreaded teenage years).Mr K thankfully didn't catch it oh how he would have whinnied. I didn't get the whole vom thing but my belly sure was a churning but i guess that would happen with what i saw and heard the last week.Sorry TMI. Ok rambling over just glad the sicks are gone hoping they don't come back thinking I may put my kids in a bubble to insure that it doesn't what do you think?sounds good huh..
Have a good weekend!!


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